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At Colttas our job is to connect you to your dream job, a fantastic contractor or superb training regardless of your situation. We ensure you are 100 percent satisfied by designing solutions and services that accommodates your needs. This is why we continuously work to understand you or your business.

Our products and services are based on original, high-quality methodologies  aimed at meeting the needs of clients and associates as well as the communities they serve. 

We consider the future of IT as well as our client’s businesses to create a brighter future for our clients and in turn meet the society’s needs.


Whether it is IT jobs or placement or clinical solutions, we ensure we understand and get to know them indepthly to give you the best result possible.

Our team works together to ensure you are connected with hard to find talents and a diverse workforce that thrives in an inclusive work environment.

We rely on a combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation and mobile development to target the best candidates for your engagement.

We put in time to understand your business's value, challenges and goals to provide you with contractors with suitable skills and expertise that ensures they properly integrate with your team and culture.

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