Recruitment Solutions

We Recruit For IT And Clinical Research Roles

Recruitment Services

We will help you find the Job that fits you or talents you cannot live without We are a team of dedicated individuals working passionately to solve clients' needs and fulfill our contractors' professional goals. This is why we always look for innovative, goal-driven professionals and jobs for our clients. With us, You Get the best from the start.

At Colttas, we carefully select candidates through a pre vetted process that analyzes applicants' competence and suitability for the position. Of all applicants, only 5% of the qualified candidates are allowed to bid for the position.


How it Works

Our contractors are gotten from 3 major levels of expertise:

  • Entry: Perfect for businesses that have systems and processes in place
  • Mid: These are specialists that have processes in place to help take projects off your plate
  • Expert: these are consultants and strategists that help you organize and expand.

Whether it is a permanent hire, long-term, or short-term needs, we have got you covered.